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tipTIP: For the vast majority of our clients the Basic Package* is the best fit. Not only is it cheaper but, quite frankly, your readers don't care who wrote the stories that appear in your email newsletter and are posted on your blog or website. Your readers only ask that you provide relevant and highly engaging content. Consider... Facebook, Twitter and the Drudge Report are multi-million dollar businesses specifically because they link to engaging third-party content.*

However, if you serve ads on your website from a major ad providing platform such as Google Adsense, they demand original content on your website or blog, and for those clients, or those who demand original content for reasons of their own choosing, we recommend our Premium Package.

* The concept behind the Basic Package is also explained in the video above. The stories in your email newsletter will link back to a 120-150 abstract of a story that is published by a third party on YOUR website or blog and proper attribution and a hyperlink to the original story must appear on that abstract that we post on your website or blog.

Go here for a functional example of an email newsletter sent to your subscribers under the Basic Package.


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