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Why Should I Believe That You Can Create An Email Newsletter That Is As Good As The One That I Would Send To My Subscriber?

If you judge the success of your newsletter by how your subscribers engage with your newsletter, in the vast majority of cases, we produce a newsletter that is superior to the ones our clients produced prior to utilizing out services. While each circumstance is different, over the past decade we have noticed that our clients generally see a 50-65% increase in CTR for their email newsletters. One of the biggest mistakes that newsletter publishers make is that they produce content that is important to THEM and do not give adequate consideration to what their subscribers might what to read. Using our proprietary knowledge, our expertise, our ongoing ability to determine trending topics on the Internet, and our objective eye, we will produce content that will encourage your subscribers to engage.

How Will My Email Newsletter Look? Can I Customize The Design?

If you already have a template or a specific design that you use for your email newsletter, simply email an HTML of the template to us and we will use your current design. Otherwise, we will design your newsletter for you. Go here for a functional, barebones example.

Can I Review My Email Newsletters Before You Deploy Them?

Yes, we can set up each email newsletter as a draft or we can set up each email newsletter to go out on a particular schedule through your Email Service Provider (ESP) which will allow you the option to prevent your newsletter from going out until you approve it or allow you to stop it before it goes out, at the scheduled time, to your subscribers.

That being said, understand that the primary function of a regular email newsletter is to provide you with the opportunity to build a relationship with your subscribers over the long term. While a high amount of care must go into selecting or producing content for your subscribers, far too many people agonize over it needlessly. It's not necessary for every piece of content you send to be the Great American Novel.

I Already Employ A Sales Funnel And I Deploy Emails To My List Whenever I Have Something New To Sell To Them: Why Do I Need To Send An Email Newsletter To My List As Well?

Few people will buy a product or service from people they don't know. Few people will buy a product from someone who only sends content when they have something to sell. The people on your "email list" are not people on an email list. They are people. In other words, when you stop viewing your subscribers as as "email list" and understand that they are people, you will find that you're positioned to take your business to the next level.

While such a truism should be self-apparent, few understand that your sales and subscriber engagement will increase significantly over time if you take the time to; engage your subscribers, build a relationship with your subscribers, build personal loyalty with your subscribers and establish yourself as a expert with your subscribers in your particular filed or niche.

Here's the bottom line, while no one is saying that sales funnels don't work, the truth is that if you're not taking engagement with your subscribers to the next level, you're leaving a huge amount of revenue on the table.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

When it comes to "all things email," we are the experts. If you're looking at email-based prospecting campaigns to increase the number of your subscribers, or if you're looking for someone who can write highly engaging and responsive sales copy, or if you're looking for someone who can provide general coaching to help you take your Internet presence to the next level, please reach out to us at 703-690-4545. We've been in business for over a decade and our clients have one thing in common: They have all achieved success with their email efforts.

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